Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well, hell.

I thought I'd be so productive today. Blogging for the first time on a new site, having written a grand total of TWO posts on Wordpress in 2011. Last year was a mixed and damn heavy bag of crap, stress, exhaustion, loss and a year-end surprise of hospitalization.  Did I write about it, journal, vlog or Tweet? Nope. That would have been therapeutic, helpful, healthy. Please.  Sure, I'd post on Facebook, but that was limited to tidbits of snark and glimmers of acid-tongued rants, along with links to whatever entertained, distracted or inspired me to not get in my car and run over small creatures or the people who had pissed me off.

So I started this morning on blogger.com (the practical choice, since I'm a burgeoning Google-phile). I began by being snarky regarding a society (ours, that is) that will keep Kim Kardashian in Spandex well into her 80s, with her parental unit/pimp Kris Kardashian pushing, plotting and padding the financial portfolios for years to come. I was feeling almost pleased with my work. . .and then POOF! The post disappeared. Did I highlight the entire text and delete? No. Did I hit the back arrow by mistake. Nope. Did I remember to save the post as I was typing. Well, of course not. Am I capable of accidental self-sabotage on a regular basis? No comment.  I decided God must like some big butts better than others, because a Kardashian kiester was not to be roasted this morning. Let go and let God, right? I do wonder how Kris will get 10% from that personal appearance (wherever Kim ends up).

After cursing - hence the title of this post - I regrouped and thought I might as well post something that will help Kendall understand how her mother's mind works (because her father is clueless about such things) - and when karma knocks me down a flight of stairs and I have amnesia, I can come here to rebuild the inner me via this bionic blog.

That being said, here's a list of some of the sites I visit for inspiration, distraction, delusion and to bring about a feeling of faux emotional stability. My justification? No matter how much crap was delivered to my door (on a fairly consistent basis, might I add), I feel better knowing I'm NOT these people.  You seek your psychological well-being where you can, right?

1) Source of all Kraptastic Kardashian: People Magazine.  The latest Kim Klaptrap? To bang or not to bang.
2) Looking to malign Miley Cyrus? Look no further than The Superficial. (Just try being a mom of a 9 year old and NOT develop an intense aversion to filling the Cyrus coffers.)
3) Fun, fabulosity and my favorite: Les News. I like Trent's posts as author of Pink Is The New Blog. Much better than Perez - with a lot less pandering.
4) Reading this reminds of Big Bang Theory - without having to Google words you don't know: i09.
5) Quenching the thirst for knowledge (so you can understand WTH people under the age of 25 are posting, texting and Tweeting): Urban Dictionary
6) Having a bad face day? Not any more, you're not: Stars' Plastic Surgery

Now, you've had a peek inside the online mood medicine cabinet I keep fully stocked at all times.  I may post music from YouTube, too. (That's the advisory portion of this post. You're welcome.)

*Tim Minchin is NOT Jesus.  Thankfully, Woody Allen isn't, either.

Now it's time for me to stalk people on Facebook. I highly recommend it. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so get all the good stuff while they try to figure out the privacy settings.

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